2maggie2 (2maggie2) wrote,

Now I'm Nervous

The downgrade of the US credit rating is not a good sign.  The political dysfunction in this country is on my top five list of reasons why we're at the close of an historical era.  But that's an idle list that I keep for my own perverse amusement.  What's scary is that in the wake of the downgrade every one of the usual suspects is singing the exact same song.  Everyone is so deep in talking points and spin, they've forgotten the art of actual conversation.  Even in response to the fact that we got downgraded for *exactly* this problem!

For the record, I'm a moderate conservative, but it's the Republicans that have me screaming at the television the most.  There are some liberals who are partisan to the core, but they aren't dominant in their own party the way the hard-core partisans are dominant in the Republican party.  Apologies to Republicans on my flist.  I'm annoyed because y'all are my own and I'm in exile for the foreseeable future.
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