2maggie2 (2maggie2) wrote,

Delay and Scheduling Announcement.

Due to LJ being particularly cantankerous there's a delay in getting the notes up.  Frustrating!  It won't let me edit entries.  It won't accept an entry that is shorter than usual.  etc. etc.  Anyway, I continue to see if I can fool LJ into actually letting me post tonight.  Stay tuned...

ETA:  We're going to have to edit down and repost.  Strudel is on the case, and hopefully we'll have something for you in a couple of hours. 

But since I've got your attention, it's time to announce a change in the posting schedule.  Due to my my move (and need to fix up my house to put it on the market, etc. etc.), we're going to post every other week.  Accordingly the notes to Earshot will be up on June 20th.  We should go back to once-a-week posting around mid-July. 

But the notes to Enemies WILL be up sometime tonight!
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