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Index to some of my Posts

I find other people's indexes useful, so here's mine!

Notes on Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Episode

1.01  Welcome to the Hellmouth
1.02  The Harvest
1.03  The Witch
1.04  Teacher's Pet
1.05  Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
1.06  The Pack
1.07  Angel
1.08  I Robot, You Jane
1.09  The Puppet Show
1.10  Nightmares
1.11  Out of Mind, Out of Sight
1.12  Prophecy Girl

2.01  When She Was Bad
2.02  Some Assembly Required
2.03  School Hard
2.04  Inca Mummy Girl
2.05  Reptile Boy

2.06  Halloween
2.07  Lie to Me (Meta Edition, part 1)
2.07  Lie to Me (Meta Edition, part 2)
2.07  Lie to Me (Regular Edition)
2.08  Dark Age
2.09  What's My Line?, Part 1
2.10  What's My Line?, Part 2
2.11  Ted
2.12  Bad Eggs
2.13  Surprise
2.14  Innocence
2.15  Phases
2.16  Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
2.17  Passion
2.18  Killed by Death
2.19  I Only Have Eyes For You
2.20  Go Fish
2.21  Becoming, Part I
2.22  Becoming, Part II

3.01  Anne
3.02  Dead Man's Party
3.03  Faith, Hope and Trick
3.04  Beauty and the Beasts
3.05  Homecoming
3.06  Band Candy
3.07  Revelations
3.08  Lover's Walk
3.09  The Wish
3.10  Amends
3.11  Gingerbread
3.12  Helpless
3.13  The Zeppo
3.14  Bad Girls
3.15  Consequences
3.16  Doppelgangland
3.17  Enemies

Season 8

8.21  Harmonic Divergence
Spike and Season 8
The First Five Pages of Season 8: a Commentary
8.23  Predators and Prey
8.24  Safe
8.25  Speculation prompted by Living Doll
Always Darkest
The Twilight Reveal
More on the Twilight Reveal
Announcement about Spike's Appearance
8.31 Speculation prompted by Turbulence
8.33 The Battered Bangel Ship
7 Villains and season 8
Follow-Up on the Battered Bangel Ship
8.34 A Quick Recap
8.34 More Reaction
8.35 Headline News
8.35 The Power of Love
Season 8 at the Seventh Inning Stretch: a View from the Fence
Twuffy and Season 8: Some Speculation
8.36 The One-Page Preview (with Spike's White Socks!)
Riley One Shot
8.36: Initial Reactions
A Spuffy Reading of Season 8
Ode to Season 8 Spike
Spuffy in Season 8

#37 First Report
#38 Reactions

After the Fall

After After the Fall

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Faith as a Dark Mirror
Bit of Both: Motivation in the 'Verse
Buffy's Dance with the Vamps: Why Spike's Soul Matters
Lie to Me and Subversion: The Bangel Edition
Lie to Me and Subversion: The Vampire Myth Edition
Spike Didn't Believe Her
Living With Plot Holes
Writer's Intent
Protagonist Privilege
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