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Spike #1

I somehow managed to get a copy of Spike #1.  I'm under strict orders to not spoil anything.  General reactions below the cut, along with some thoughts about the pages that have been previewed:

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Real Life

I've been asked to write one of those endorsements of a book that appears on the back jacket.  Which is kind of cool, but weird.  I seldom read the endorsements by people whose name I don't recognize, and my name isn't that widely recognized.  Still, I get a copy of the book when it comes out in print as my big reward! 
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Cabin in the Woods

local_max has a great post up about it here.

It took me a while to figure out my exact problem but it's this: Joss has given in to nihilism.  It'd be interesting to go back and re-listen to his Harvard talk on Humanistic Atheism, where he tries to affirm that value can be found in a godless world.  But in Cabin, well -- it had to end the way it did; but that begs the question of just why we should get out of bed every morning.  It'll be interesting to see how that plays out in the plotting for season 9.

Anyway, in case you couldn't tell: Cabin in the Woods -- clever, for sure.  Well done and thought-provoking in all the ways Max says.  I despised it.

(And when exactly did it get so expensive to go to the movies?)
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Allie on the Changes in Plan for Spike

I just had a good long email from Scott Allie about what was going on with this change. He's given me permission to summarize what he said.

1. They originally wanted Spike in a stand alone series, but decided they liked Spike with Buffy and the other characters -- pretty much the sort of thing we saw in the first ten issues.

2. As they were breaking down the details for the next ten issues, they realized as they hit the big plot points, Spike wasn't showing up in them. It'd be Buffy does this, Xander does that, and Xander, Koh and Spike do that. Nothing specific for Spike. They didn't think it would be doing a service to his character just to have him around doing good dialogue. And there were Spike-specific issues that were interesting to them to explore but they couldn't do it in the main book. Ergo miniseries.

3. All the pieces of season 9 work together in complicated ways. It's not one big story, but all the pieces are important. That means A&F and season 9 are NOT running on separate tracks -- though the way they fit together is not what fans might think. This is true of the mini series as well. We won't see the big picture until it's all done.

4. They have never adjusted the story to manage sales. That's true of the pregnancy, the abortion, the non abortion, Spike's presence and Spike's absence. They feel like the best they can do is bring in good talent to tell a story true to Joss's vision. If they were pandering to fans to juice sales, it would be in the other direction -- Spike is very popular. I'll add that Scott's pretty excited about how the story works, and he writes about it in a way that is 100% consistent with the thought that they write the story as best they can and hope the sales will follow.

5. This was a big change, but they thought it was best for the character and best for the books, and probably best for Spuffies.

My take away... this is about the plotting of the midsection of the season. It's not a big shift in whatever they were planning for Spike and/or Spuffy. It was the dead zone for Spike that got them to change things, not them changing away from something that was well-thought out. They hadn't realized until they broke it down that there was nothing substantive enough for Spike. I like that their interest in the character caused them to think about how they could get more of Spike's story out there when it wasn't going to fit in the book.

ETA: Scott adds that he's sorry he hasn't had a chance to reply to everybody -- he's been really busy.
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Now I'm Nervous

The downgrade of the US credit rating is not a good sign.  The political dysfunction in this country is on my top five list of reasons why we're at the close of an historical era.  But that's an idle list that I keep for my own perverse amusement.  What's scary is that in the wake of the downgrade every one of the usual suspects is singing the exact same song.  Everyone is so deep in talking points and spin, they've forgotten the art of actual conversation.  Even in response to the fact that we got downgraded for *exactly* this problem!

For the record, I'm a moderate conservative, but it's the Republicans that have me screaming at the television the most.  There are some liberals who are partisan to the core, but they aren't dominant in their own party the way the hard-core partisans are dominant in the Republican party.  Apologies to Republicans on my flist.  I'm annoyed because y'all are my own and I'm in exile for the foreseeable future.
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Webcomic Update: Clear Eyes, Full Heart

I honestly read Buffy as tearing up (ever so slightly) in that last panel of the webcomic, and when I mentioned it the first few folks responding agreed with me, so I just took it for self-evident.  Anyway, turns out most people don't read it that way.  So I asked Georges and he said he thinks there's an emotional content to the question Buffy is asking, but that he didn't draw her moist-eyed.

So there you go!  I do still think the panel is emotionally loaded.